Bulid to Suit (B2S) / New Build
For the purpose of utilizing the resources of Retower who is rich and experience in site infrastructure deployment, obtaining all local permits, and the capability of exercising Radio Network. more

To ramp up its network deployment, colocation model that offered by Retower is renting its existing and available space in Retower’s towers. The idea is the simplicity in its process. More

about us

Retower, fully owned by local entrepreneur is a new telecommunication services company managed by local professionals plus operational team. fully equipped with practical experience, specializing in deploying and operating site infrastructure for the telecommunication indsutry. More


Retower Corporate Social Responsibilities
Retower feels responsible for the development of the tower surrounding area. In line with its tagline, Retower shows its social responsibilities by doing:
  • Book Donation
  • Free Medication
  • Many More
 ... more


Retower Points of Difference
Retower develops a process called “intelligent engineering” to ensure guaranteed site delivery speed for new tower infrastructure site and optimum site utilization (maximum number of co-lo)

Tower sharing requirements from each local authority

“Game rule” for each targeted local authority to obtain required permits.

Coverage and year to date marketing model from each operator.

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Pinang 22 Building 9th Floor
Jl. Ciputat Raya No. 22 A
Pondok Pinang, Jakarta Selatan 12310
Phone : +6221 766 2222
Fax : +6221 750 0111
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